Recent study: Physical activity associated with reduced risk of dementia, even if the low level

There are many factors that affect the risk of age-related dementia, while some of these factors are unavoidable, such as age, and genes. However, other factors can be completely avoided, such as smoking, mental inactivity, and lack of a lifestyle .

A recent study found that physical activity, even at low levels, also helps reduce the risk of dementia. Examples of such activities include daily housekeeping, such as cleaning or arranging the house.

The study included 454 adults. All participants agreed to post autopsy on their brains for medical research. In the 20-year period, all participants were subjected to a comprehensive medical examination once a year, as well as a test to assess thinking and memory skills.

The researchers measured the level of activity of the study participants for about two years, using a measure of the activity accelerometer being worn around the wrist, and measures all activities, from simple and even stressful.

During the study period, 191 cases of dementia were diagnosed among participants.

The researchers found that the higher the level of daily activity, the better the performance of memory and thinking. They also found that each standard increase in physical activity was associated with a 31% reduction in risk of dementia. After dissecting the brains of the deceased participants, the researchers found a link between increased daily activity and reduced risk of dementia (without the same observation as the risk of Alzheimer’s disease).

The study was conducted by researchers from Rush University of America, and published in the American Academy of Neurology.

Source: Medical News Today

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