Recent study: Chinese needles may help to reduce the symptoms of menopause

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – Chinese acupuncture may help eliminate many of the menopausal symptoms of menopause, according to a recent study.

Although many menopause symptoms can be controlled by drug treatments, such as hormone therapy , these treatments are still far from ideal and have side effects such as sleep disorder, dizziness, nausea, and may increase the risk of cancer. Breast.

For this reason, alternative therapies for menopausal symptoms, especially acupuncture, have become increasingly popular. Researchers from the University of Copenhagen in Denmark have decided to investigate this scientifically, especially the effect of acupuncture in the treatment of hot flashes.Chinese needles may help to reduce the symptoms of menopause

The study included 70 women who had menopausal symptoms. The team distributed them in two groups. Women in the first group were given weekly sessions of acupuncture sessions of 15 minutes and over 5 weeks. While women in the second group did not receive any treatments for menopausal symptoms.

The researchers found that in the sixth week of acupuncture and acupuncture, 80% of women in the first group experienced an improvement in symptoms of hot flashes, both in severity and frequency, or sweating (including night sweats).

However, the main shortcoming of this study is that the effect of placebo is not taken into account because of the difficulty of doing so. Which casts doubt on the results of all studies dealing with acupuncture.

The findings were published recently in the British Journal of Medicine BMJ.

Source: Medical News Today

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