Reasons for sleeping a lot when girls

Sleep is one of the things we can not do without in our lives. It gives the body the activity and the ability to continue our normal lives after exhausting a long day of hard work. Of men, and indeed this is a fact, and we will show you now through this article, on the causes of sleep a lot when girls, which clearly increase men, just follow us with the following lines to find out why.

Causes of frequent sleep in women

It is known that there are many women, who suffer from a disturbance in the hours of sleep, and this is due to the presence of many disorders in the body of women, because of hormonal changes, which accompany the menstrual period, in addition to the periods and breastfeeding, where women suffer from many changes , In several physical and psychological things, and fatigue and fatigue in the upbringing of children, and domestic work also, significantly affects the sleep of girls and women, in contravention of all medical and psychological expectations, in order to get rest from exhaustion.

Sleep hours are sufficient to rest

Doctors determine 8 hours of sleep a day, so that the person can regain his activity and be able to follow his activity normally, but this can be applied to children and men only, and women and girls find that this time is not enough at all, for To feel the ability to do the usual daily tasks.

Reasons for sleeping a lot when girls

  • Menstruation : The period of menstruation is a major shift in the hormones of women and girls, where these changes begin two or three days ago, and find women and girls suffer from the desire to sleep more than usual in that period, a very normal situation for many women, Call any concern.
  • Pregnancy : Women find several stages during pregnancy, the first period, called months of birth, where women suffer from several health problems, such as the feeling of nausea and vomiting continuous, and also find women want to sleep for very long periods, as a result of sudden change in , and back Sleep is normal in the middle of pregnancy, and in the last months of pregnancy, the lady suffers from lack of sleep, because of the movement of the fetus continues, as well as the pressure of the fetus on the bladder.
  • Hard work during the daytime : If a woman or a girl does a lot of work during the day, she will need to sleep longer during the night, so she goes to bed earlier than usual.

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