Rating points and how to calculate

The weight watcher is based mainly on calories and how they are calculated. Each calorie is given a value or calorie. Each calorie is calculated by type, height and age.

Positives Points:

– This type of dieting is flexible and can be applied by anyone on the condition of choosing the points of high nutritional value.

– Sports In this diet you lose points, you can collect points from the days of the week and enjoy them on the day of Ferry.

– This system allows you to eat fat within points.


– It is difficult for anyone to perform alone without the supervision of a nutritionist.

– This system does not take into account the division of meals, which affects the activity of metabolism in the body.

– Difficult to control points well.

The system of dieting differs from person to person according to the nature of each person. The system basically helps to solve the problem of the abdomen and maintain the weight of the increase without depriving the body of minerals, vitamins, fiber, proteins, fats and all nutrients, provided that you adhere to the number of points specified for you every day. ..

How to calculate points score points:

Points are calculated by type, age, height and motor activity:

By type: – The man is 14 points and the woman is 7 points.

By age group: – Age between 15-20 have 5 points, 21-35 have 4 points of 36-50 them 3 points and age over 51 them 2 points.

By length: – Less than 160 them 1 point, the longest of 160 them 2 points, length 160 them 2 points.

By activity: – Daily effort 2 points and most of the time standing 1 point, no effort No points.

The points are calculated as follows: a woman has 7 points less than 30 has 4 points less than 160 cm has 1 point of her activity is null and does not have any points in the day 12 points ..

How to calculate food points:

Calculation of protein and rice:

100 grams of chicken slices have 2 points.

100 grams of minced meat has 4 points.

100 grams of liver 3 points.

50 grams of smoked meat 1 point.

Grilled Burgers 5 points.

120 grams of shrimp 2 points.

50 grams of salmon 2 points.

50 grams of smoked salmon 2 points.

100 grams of tuna 2 points.

Three tablespoons of basmati rice 1 point.

Soup and Vegetables Account:

Onion soup no amount there is no points.

The parsley soup has no points.

250 m of vegetable soup and meat 2 points.

Sausage and peas soup 5 points.

Soup cabbage 4 points.

Spinach has no points

Cabbage There are no points

Fresh carrots No points

Parsley in any quantity there are no points

Dill No points.

Celery There are no points.

100 grams of cooked peas 2 points.

Calculation of milk and its derivatives:

200 g of skimmed cheese, half and half.

Spoon Mayonnaise 1 point.

30 g of mozzarella cheese 2 points.

30 g of cream with cheese 4 points.

For more points, see the Weight Watcher.

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