Protein deficiency damage

Protein Deficiency If protein is one of the most important foods to eat, it is essential for building body organs, supplying energy, helping your body heal, and being more saturated than other types of food.Protein deficiency damage

Protein is the most important structural compounds of the tissues and muscle cells of the human body, which are damaged by the various work done by and exposed to it, including the process of demolition and construction continue through the training and continuous nutrition, as well as to maintain and strengthen the bones. Protein as a staple food is composed of complex materials.Protein deficiency damage

Which are hydrolyzed and the amino acids are a good proportion and are present in corn oil.

It is a combination of a nutrient or inorganic molecules with proteins.

The protein is decomposed by the heat so that it is integrated into derivatives containing each molecule of amino acids.

The average person needs a quantity equivalent to one gram per kilogram of his body. In the case of athletes, they need to multiply the normal quantity.

Protein as a staple food has a role in the formation and regeneration of muscle cells. The sport of body building is that it consumes more than most other sports,

Weight gain should be increased by all non-harmful nutrients

It lies in that it consists of a group of amino acids that contribute to the build-up to its primary function in cell regeneration. The more the athlete training, the greater the need for an additional amount of protein as well as the type of protein, for meat, which is the main source of the method of cooking has an effect in maintaining the proportion of protein contained in the meat meat better than fat, and if the barbecue if it exceeds the amount of amino acids Thus, meat is simply a very inefficient fiberProtein deficiency damage

The inability to concentrate , frequent , and other mental symptoms are largely due to hypoglycemia and protein deficiency.

The craving for food and the need to eat it even without hunger between meals, is due in large part to the fact that your meals usually consist of high carbohydrate foods low protein, protein keeps blood sugar balanced, and therefore do not feel the lack of energy and the need to eat unhealthy meals during the day.

Pain in the joints and muscles and feeling tired a lot of a sign that your muscles break, because they need protein do not enter into your food in the amount required.

Until you heal your wounds, you need to rebuild the damaged cells. Until this reconstruction takes place, your skin and immune system need enough protein.

Light hair, hair loss, broken nails and peeling are all signs of your body that need more protein.

The fluid retention in the body, which we discover because of swollen parts and unexplained weight gain, is also due to the lack of protein in your body. Lack leads to your body cells and muscles holding water in it, especially in the area of ​​the feet.

Do you frequently nurse? And you feel that your immunity is very weak? Often this is due to the weakness of your immune system due to the lack of protein in your diet, do not forget that your immune system is made up of protein.

Your mind controls all your hormones responsible for sleep, and when your body suffers from protein deficiency, these hormones are affected and your sleep becomes less, or is disturbed and choppy.

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