Prevention is better than cure

That prevention is better than cure, as it is said, and the subtraction of the harmful thing is better than the bad thing is better than to multiply the beneficial thing, and save yourself from the most diseases.

Prevention is better than cure

These important tips are the cream of what came in modern medicine and ancient medicine because if it was followed by him will maintain his health and will become full of vitality and activityPrevention pictures better than treatment

  • Do not eat food in your stomach where the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him in the Hadith: We are people do not eat until we get hungry
  • Do not eat harsh food that can not be crushed because your stomach will not digest it
  • Do not enter the bathroom after eating
  • Do not drink water unless you are thirsty and do not drink too much on your lap
  • Do not sleep before entering the water cycle

Prevention is better than cure

  • Eat only in season
  • Do not gather without desire, and when you have concerns, do not be jealous of intercourse, and do not multiply your body, and weaken your strength and relax your nerves and do not sit on hunger
  • Sleep after lunch for half an hour and do not sleep after eating dinner until you walk 50 steps
  • Do not hold Paula, Brazza or Rio
  • Do not overdo yourself worries, it brings disease and weaken immunity
  • Avoid exposure to unpleasant odors, dust, smoke, and allergies. See your doctor for treatment of any health problems
  • Do not take too much of the intake of the noodles and take it when it is possible to dispense with it when leaving it when needed
  • Do not drink after sleep, intense movement or intercourse
  • Do not drink before your stomach has digested food, if necessary, only a little

Make these tips that will bring you the phrase prevention better than cure.

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