Pregnant women have some advice before following any diet

In an article today, we offer some guidance for pregnant women who are on the verge of dieting or who want to maintain their ideal weight without side effects. Healthy and balanced diet for mother and fetus.

– Here is my lady’s instructions to avoid any damage that may occur to you or your child from diet:

– Drink plenty of water with at least eight glasses each day.

– Drink various hot drinks not sweetened with sugar, it helps to supply the amount of water entering your body such as ring, mint, anise, jujube and karawiya.

– sweeten your drinks with honey or sugar substitutes except fructose.

– You can drink low-fat milk with coffee and tea up to one cup a day, taking care not to sugar.

If you want to drink soft drinks, break them in very small amounts and you should not do so because they provide the body with high calories.

– Do not cook your food with ghee, butter or hydrogenated oils, and if necessary, reduce them as much as possible.

– Sprinkle the vegetables in the water with the addition of garlic and onions and spices to it and should not add pepper and chutney and if you use the salt and put in small quantities because salt helps to store water in the body, especially in the face.

– If you want to eat cucumber or lettuce or carrots between meals, take only one of them on the condition that it was two hours to eat the meal.

– In your diet, you should follow the same quantities and do not exceed them and do not replace any type of food in yourself or even two meals together.

– In the system of diet pills can not stop him after I started it and return to him whenever you want, but you must stop him to start again.

After you finish your diet, you will get full speed quickly. Eat your food slowly, eat it well and do not try to get back to the same system that you used before you followed the diet. You should reduce sugars and starches because the body will regain the same. Fats and grease that you have lost and you should make sure that your food contains all the nutrients that you need.

– Use a digital balance and not a normal balance in order to know your weight because it is more accurate and in your account weight should be in the morning and be dressed in light clothes.

You should exercise and burn fat and lift your body. It also helps to facilitate your pregnancy and pregnancy. Examples of exercise include walking for thirty minutes a day or going to centers and clubs specialized in exercise exercises because they target certain areas of the body. .

You should consult your doctor in the diet you wish to follow. It may be inappropriate for you and may cause damage to yourself and your baby.

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