Pregnant women have sleeping positions to avoid for your safety

Being a child is a great pleasure. The motherhood instinct is naturally present in the woman, which makes her bear all the physical and psychological pains that she experiences during her pregnancy. The most important things that should be given attention are the position of sleep. There are many wrong situations that she presents in hours Your sleep will adversely affect your health and your baby’s health

 So Madam, we will give you some sleeping situations that you should avoid during pregnancy, especially in the last months of pregnancy.

– Incorrect sleeping positions during pregnancy:

 Sleep and feet are raised

Make sure you sleep on a straight, comfortable bed with your feet in a straight position and avoid lifting your feet while you are asleep. This will put you at great risk. You and your fetus will lead to blood clotting in your body, diabetes, muscle loss and depression. Less than normal weight which is dangerous to him.

Sleeping on the abdomen

Avoid sleeping on your abdomen during pregnancy, especially if you are in the third month of pregnancy. Your fetus is now larger. Sleeping in this situation will cause you and your child to risk and expose the fetus to death and weakness and prevent the baby from moving.

Sleeping on the back

Avoid sleeping on your back, especially if you have reached your last months of pregnancy because this will cause back pain, lead to hemorrhoids, swelling of the feet, water retention and varicose veins. Your blood pressure will decrease, and you will become rotated and nauseated, so sleep on the right side. Your baby has the freedom to sleep and improves the flow of blood and nutrients to help you get rid of waste and fluids, which is the best situation in your pregnancy period, especially in recent months.

– Tips For Getting Better Sleep:

Avoid caffeine-rich beverages such as coffee, tea and soft drinks as much as possible at night to avoid insomnia and lack of sleep.

– Avoid drinking too much water or having dinner before going to bed to reduce your chances of going to the bathroom and being exposed to insomnia so you should have a light dinner and drink plenty of water during the day.

– Try to relax Before you go to bed, do some light exercise or take a warm bath for 15 minutes.

– If you have leg cramps, pressure on the wall may help you with your feet or try to stretch them out before going to bed.

– Stress and fatigue is a major cause of insomnia and insomnia.

We have given you a set of erroneous sleeping positions during your pregnancy period to avoid to maintain your health and your fetus’s health, to have a deep and healthy sleep and to reduce insomnia.

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