Pregnancy occurs after stopping the pill

Pregnancy After stopping taking contraception , many women hesitate. Most women spend most of their married life trying to get away from pregnancy and decide they want to get pregnant again.

Some women find it difficult to get pregnant again once they stop using contraceptives, whether they are pills, hormonal patches, condoms or some other means of contraception .

When it comes to birth control pills, Dr. Frank Shervnak, professor and head of obstetrics and gynecology at Weill School of Medicine at Cornell University in New York City, advises women who want to get pregnant again after stopping taking birth control pills. Month and do not stop suddenly and then wait at least once a month after stopping.

He says after at least a menstrual cycle after stopping taking the pill can try to pregnancy again, although some women can be pregnant after having stopped taking pills for two weeks.

Women are advised to complete at least one menstrual cycle after stopping and to ensure that there are no menstrual or bleeding disorders and adds that in the middle of the following menstrual cycle, ovulation is high for women if there are no problems with ovulation.

He says it is very important to consider whether there is a previous pregnancy or a miscarriage of women before you can wait at least a full monthly cycle before trying again to give the body a chance to recover again.

Other contraceptives say that the   intrauterine device must be removed before the pregnancy attempt can begin and the condom use of the couple can begin to be ready for pregnancy.


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