Potato diet to lose weight without deprivation

What is potato diet? Many of us believe that potatoes do not fall into the list of slimming and dieting, and they only help in weight gain.

But the difference is in the way of cooking. Potato, potatoes boiled in water without salt.

What are the components of potato diet?

Potatoes are included in vegetables that are of good nutritional importance for potassium, calcium, copper and phosphorus, as well as vitamin C and the presence of substances that help absorb fat from the body

What are the conditions of slimming the potato system?

My lady’s slimming system in a potato way may help you lose about 5 kg per week,

This will be achieved by applying the following conditions, agreed upon by all doctors of diet and health

– Potatoes boiled in water without the addition of salt and not cooked in oil

– Follow this diet only one week and then follow another system

– Continued to eat boiled potatoes for at least 3 consecutive days

– Avoid adding spices to potatoes

– On day 1, 2, 3 and 4 boiled potatoes are taken together with their distribution for lunch and dinner, without the intake of other vegetables.

– On the 5th day requires eating another type of vegetables with boiled potatoes according to your taste Madam, but there are after exceptions in this program Rajimi.

– Vegetables forbidden to eat sweet potatoes, Dora, candy

– For fruits, figs, grapes, bananas, mangoes, dates, cream

– Day 6 Add green salad salad of your choice, lettuce

– Last day or 7 Must eat potatoes with egg

– Example potato diet:

Choose each meal day according to your taste Madam

– Day 1, 2, 3, 4

At breakfast

Fruit juice without sugar and a piece of cheese

A cup of coffee without sugar

Green tea and brown toasted bread

A cup of skimmed milk and a salt-free biscuit


250 grams of boiled potatoes without salt and green beans

2 small pieces of boiled potatoes and grilled fish

Boiled chicken breast boiled potatoes with a little olive oil and a boiled chicken breast

the Dinner

Boiled potatoes with olive oil and a piece of cheese

A small dish of rice with boiled potatoes

– Today 5

the lunch

Potato salad with pepper, lentil soup, incense fish and apple juice

the Dinner

2 boiled potato and green tea cup

– Today 6

the lunch

Tomato salad and 2 potatoes

the Dinner

Potato soup, cheese and green vegetables salad

– Today 7

the lunch

Potato salad and boiled egg, toast

the Dinner

2 pieces of boiled potatoes and lemon juice without sugar

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