Postpartum diet to get rid of tummy tuck

Some of the health problems may occur immediately after birth. Perhaps the most prominent of these problems is the problem of abdominal increase or the appearance of some abdominal tingling, which makes you in some bad psychological state.

But did I think about how to get rid of these slimming? …. And what are the methods that you have followed to get rid of the increase in your belly? …. Now follow the following lines and learn about the most recent information from a recent American study on this subject, as well as the ideal diet to be followed immediately after birth.

The American study indicated that there are two ways to get rid of the problem of abdominal increase and the appearance of tics.

The first is to do a lot of exercise in order to strengthen and tighten your abdominal muscles, as well as to exercise regularly and continuously, walking is known to play a large role in eliminating the increase in weight in general.

The second method is to follow the balanced diets that give you access to vitamins, calcium and proteins are all important and necessary during the period of breastfeeding so as not to harm the health of the baby.

The study also noted that some belts are rumored to help get rid of the abdomen, but the fact that it will not actually protect from the emergence of tics and may lead to weakness of abdominal muscles, because it does not reduce the calories entering the body, and then increase In weight and abdomen.

Therefore, this American study has been to provide an important diet recommended to follow immediately after birth and during the period of breastfeeding so that you can get rid of the increase in the abdomen while maintaining the health of the baby.

Plan the diet for 60 days and then you will be able to get rid of 7 to 10 kg grams are as follows:

When waking up you have to take the following :

One boiled egg + a piece of Quraish cheese without oil + one slice of toast.

Between breakfast and lunch:

Fruit Fruit “Any type of fruit available except bananas, mangoes and grapes”.

Lunch :

Choose one of these meals:

  • The dish is a fat-free chicken soup + a green salad dish.
  • Dish of skimmed meat soup + green salad dish.
  • A large dish of vegetables with minced meat + green salad.
  • Half grilled or boiled chicken + green salad.

Between lunch and dinner :

One cup of skimmed milk, can be added to the gravel ring after boiling well.

Before immortality to sleep:

The fruit is one of any kind of fruit except those prohibited in previous lines.

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