Postpartum anemia is a spleen and how it is treated

Postpartum anemia is one of the most common postpartum problems faced by the mother, and anemia after caesarean section often occurs more frequently than normal birth due to maternal loss of blood during labor, resulting in severe fatigue, weakness and weakness. Mother’s ability to breastfeed and feed the baby.

Dr. Tsebih Nada, a consultant for gynecology, explains that the mother’s anemia after childbirth is often detected by the follow-up doctor through some postnatal analysis and here the mother is diagnosed with anemia. 
According to Zebeeh, anemia would cause the mother to have iron deficiency and folic acid in the blood, just days before birth and increase after birth. 
On the treatment of anemia, Dr. Tsebeh said that the mother was given some drugs containing iron and folic acid for two months after birth to be able to store iron in the blood until the arrival of the menstrual period after the period of puerperal or in severe cases blood transfusion is better for the speed of treatment of anemia and improve Mother’s condition.

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