Postnatal breastfeeding

Weight loss in postnatal pregnancy is a concern for many mothers and wants to recover after birth. Doctors are advised to follow a diet to lose weight after birth from the second month after birth to those who do not breastfeed their baby or the fourth month after birth to breastfeed.

It is not recommended to follow the diet after Caesarean section only after consulting with the doctor to start dieting and exercise.

Dr. Ahmed El-Tohamy, a slim obesity consultant in Dubai, said that the mother should pay attention to exercise after childbirth according to the doctor who is trained to strengthen the abdominal muscles after birth and prevent tics.

He added that the mother must follow a healthy and balanced diet rich in protein, vitamins and calcium so that the mother can do the breastfeeding process without harming the health and health of the fetus.

Dr. El-Tohamy added that the abdominal belt can be worn after normal birth to strengthen the abdominal muscles and prevent dilations during dieting.

Healthy diet for nursing mothers after childbirth

the breakfast

  • A well boiled egg.
  • Piece of Quraish cheese.
  • Piece Toast diet.
  • Brunch:
  • 2 fruit fruit.

the lunch

  • Dish skimmed chicken soup or skimmed meat.
  • Green salad dish.
  • Apply a large vegetable with chopped meat.
  • Half a grilled or boiled chicken.

Between lunch and dinner

A cup of skimmed milk in the ring.

the Dinner

Yogurt; brown bread; skimmed cheese; or boiled egg.

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