Popcorn damage

Popcorn or cornbread is one of the most delicious and delicious foods that adults and young people like. They are high-temperature corn granules, which explode to produce the common form of popcorn, which is spread in several countries around the world. It is widely accepted and accepted by many people of all ages. Although the popcorn is widely spread, and many people have eaten it, a number of damage has been discovered. It highlights the damage of popcorn through the following lines.

Corn grain or popcorn

Corn grains have been traded since ancient times and are widely accepted for their high nutritional value, as well as a delicious and delicious taste that is loved by adults and young people. It is traded in many countries around the world. There is a great demand for it from all ages. Which everyone knows but that also has negative effects on health, we will mention them in detail over the next lines.

Popcorn damage

  • Recent studies have confirmed that maize grains are sometimes fluorinated to ensure that there is no leakage of oil from inside the corn bags. When exposed to high temperatures, these compounds are converted into perfluorooctaneic acid, one of the most important causes of cancer around the world. .
  • There are recent studies confirm that eating large quantities, can also lead to so-called attention deficit and hyperactivity in children, and it adversely affects the work of the thyroid gland.
  • Hydrogenated oils are used in the manufacture of popcorn, which is classified as a list of substances that cause obesity, as it is concentrated and unhealthy fats on the body, and cause excessive weight, resulting in obesity.
  • Ready-made corn grains sold in shops and movie theaters are full of harmful fats, which cause a lot of damage, as there are a lot of additives that are put on them such as flavor enhancers, which may seriously threaten our health.

How to Avoid Popcorn Damage

  • Corn grain can be purchased from the shops, without manufacturing and preparing it in the house in a healthy manner, without too much fat to benefit from the nutritious value of the popcorn, and avoid the damage we may experience from eating from outside.
  • Do not overuse it in a way that makes us benefit from it, and avoid the damage caused by consuming it in large quantities.
  • Preparation at home in healthy ways and not add flavors or flavoring, as this only results in an increase in weight gain.

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