Pomegranate peel treats vaginal infections

Pomegranate peel treats vaginal infections if the fruit of pomegranate is a distinctive fruit that contains multiple benefits in its life and also its strawberries, a fruit of the fruits of Paradise, and we will mention through this article some of the benefits of multiple pomegranate peel can not be counted and not limited, and we will explain in this article how to use Peel pomegranate to narrow the vagina.Pomegranate peel treats vaginal infections

The cause of your vaginitis may be:

  • Type of bacteria, fungi or viruses.
  • Chemicals may cause some kind of irritation or irritation, such as those found in soap, perfume, medications or laundry detergents.

The causes may not be obvious, but you need to consult a doctor, to find out why and act accordingly.

Before starting, it should be noted that doctors generally call the cases where the vagina inflamed called vaginal inflammation (Vaginitis). The most common types of diseases and infections of the vagina are:

  • Bacterial vaginosis.
  • Candida -yeast infections.
  • Chlamydia or chlamydia.
  • Gonorrhea.
  • .
  • Trichomoniasis.

Diagnosis of vaginal infections may be difficult even after a specialist, for the possibility that the cause of the infection is actually a set of causes of vaginitis mentioned above not only one. It is worth noting that women may have vaginitis without any symptoms of itPomegranate peel treats vaginal infections

  • 1 – Pomegranate peel helps the body, in the process of purifying it and get rid of all the toxins found in it,
  • As it increases the control of bacteria and any harmful viruses,
  •  Has many benefits of skin, most notably human protection, from exposure to skin cancer,
  • Can strengthen the teeth and bones, because the pomegranate contains vitamin C, which prevents the occurrence of weakness in these areas,
  • Pomegranate peel helps to get rid of wounds,
  • The speed of healing and the salvation of man ,
  •  Helps maintain the cleanliness of the mouth and stomach, because it expels all odors from the mouth,
  • Also works to expel worms from the stomach,
  • Helps to get rid of them and keep the stomach healthy.

Pomegranate peel treats vaginal infections

Pomegranate peel is considered a danger to the uterus, because it helps in the work of dyslexia in the case of eating by the pregnant woman, also performs a narrowing in the opening of the vagina, and increases the process of contractions of the uterus, and causes inflammation in the uterus, and these infections have a large role In the delay in the incidence of pregnancy in women, and works to increase the proportion of gonorrhea, and some women can be exposed to poisoning, and increase the itching in general for everyone who eat it, and if the use of pomegranate peel in a recipe to put in the vagina, this will result in serious in this , Including the occurrence of ulcers and wounds, which will be mostly in the lining of the vagina because it is the most common area Sensitivity in the vagina, and when used women pomegranate peel, will be widespread in which a large number of bacteria and microbes, because it is not sterile , and it will make an infection and many serious diseases, especially when entering the uterus through the area at the women.Pomegranate peel treats vaginal infections

  • Keep the vagina clean and dry and keep away from perfumed toiletries.
  • Stay away from wearing clothes with sweat-and-heat fabrics, such as: underwear made of nylon, sports clothing for air.
  • Taking milk and incorporating it into your diet can help prevent vaginal infections.
  • The use of condoms is the best way to prevent transmission of infections between partners.
  • Conduct an annual examination of the reproductive system.

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