PMS pain How to relieve it

The pain of the lower abdomen, tension and chest is one of the most symptoms of menstrual pain that women face during menstruation (menstrual cycle), which cause concern for many women The cause of menstrual pain to the change of hormones in the body, causing muscle spasm and the right Lady of the best natural ways to ease PMS pain in simple ways.

Natural ways to relieve menstrual pain

Eat vegetables and fruits

Other foods that help relieve pain include calcium-rich foods (broccoli, yogurt, cabbage, and milk) that help relieve muscle cramps, and it is very important to reduce salt in this period.

Some foods such as vegetables (lettuce, cucumbers, spinach), fruits (bananas and pomegranates), meat (omega-3 fatty fish), walnuts and other nutrients help make the body more stable and comfortable at this time, Magnesium) helps reduce muscle tension, so it reduces the contractions of the uterus significantly and also rich in omega-3.

Warm drinks

Experts advise to drink hot things that relieve pain such as mint, and boiled cinnamon which helps facilitate the descent of blood from the uterus and get rid of dysmenorrhea, and thus relieve pain.

Traditional medicine

In the foot there were some common cases of pain relief, some of which were proven to be correct, including: the use of oils (lavender oil mixed with rose oil and sage oil) or lavender oil alone with fat on the abdomen.

Bags can also be used to fill hot water and place it on the pain area to relieve it.

Good sleep

One of the most important causes of menstrual pain is not getting adequate sleep hours. This is why I have to go to sleep before 8 months of sleep. This will greatly reduce the incidence of various menstrual pains that result from exhaustion of the body.

Playing sports

Exercise is important for relieving the pain of the menstrual cycle ahead of time, especially the sport of walking and aerobics exercises

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