PMS delay may not be due to pregnancy

Is delayed menstruation evidence of pregnancy? What are the causes of delayed menstruation? When is the delayed menstrual cycle of pregnancy signs? Many questions about the causes of the delay of the menstrual cycle and its relationship to pregnancy may mix things between many women. Some girls delay their menstrual cycle and tell her friend that it is a sure sign of pregnancy or it is a big problem.menstruation

According to Dr. Magda, gynecologist and obstetrician, the absence or delay of menstrual cycle is considered a sure pregnancy pregnancy for women who have regular and normal menstrual cycles every month.

She adds that when pregnancy occurs, the menstrual cycle is interrupted by the pregnant woman as a result of the change in the level of hormones in the body that begins to prepare to receive the fetus within the uterus and to complete the pregnancy period of about 40 weeks in some women.

But when the menstrual cycle of the girl or the start of irregularity or the occurrence of menstrual cycle disorders, there is an indication of the injury of women and need to visit the doctor to find out why the delay of the menstrual cycle or absence of the menstrual cycle .

The age factor is very important. In some women who are approaching the age of interruption, the menstrual period begins to delay some periods and irregularity, which is considered premenopausal disorders and the result of the willingness of the body to start the interruption of the menstrual cycle permanently.

The delay of the menstrual cycle may be a sign of some hormonal strikes that affect the girl. The cycle begins with irregular and late periods, and the girl needs to visit the doctor to perform the necessary analyzes to explain the reasons and provide the necessary treatment.

Dr Magda adds that some of the reasons for the delay of the cycle of fame are physical weakness and malnutrition. Some girls, especially the thin ones, suffer from malnutrition, which leads to the absence of the menstrual cycle, and the cycle usually returns once a healthy diet containing many nutrients and minerals is started again.

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