PMS and its side effects

What are the pills for menstrual cycle and what are the methods of using it and what are the risks of using pills for delay of the menstrual cycle?

The pills prevent the cycle of the hormone (progesterone), a natural hormone in the body of women and raise the proportion of the hormone habitual menstruation naturally if the egg is not fertilized and the occurrence of pregnancy, helping the lining of the uterus to prepare for the descent of menstrual blood.

When increasing the hormone in the blood prevents menstrual bleeding (menstrual cycle).

The method of action pills prevent the cycle to keep the hormone level high in the blood and when forget to eat one of the pills on time occurs irregularity in the proportion of the hormone in the body may come session.

The pills are usually taken every 12 hours and at the specified time to maintain the hormone level in the body.

Side effects of late-cycle pills are tiredness, tiredness, mood swings, headache, vomiting, and swelling in the breasts.

Also, body aches and swelling, water retention, and thus weight gain and the appearance of acne and the body is more prone to cancer. The pills should be taken under medical supervision.

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