Playing with a child improves mood and protects him from psychological crises

Many parents and mothers do not want to play with their children when they are asked to do so. They believe that this is a reduction of their disrespect. But this is not true. The play of mother and father with the child is of great importance and stresses the importance of playing with children. Psychiatrists advise parents With their children.

On this subject, Dr. Amjad Al-Ajroudi, consultant psychiatrist at the Regional Council of Psychiatry, pointed out that child’s play is one of the most important activities that must be performed in a small and play time is one of the most important times in his life. .

Dr. Amjad adds that the psychological and mood of a young child improves a lot when he can play and take the ear from his father or mother to play with his friends. But psychologists here confirm that when your child asks you to play with him, no matter how trivial the game is, do not leave him or refuse to play with him.

This means that the child loves you and feels the psychological balance within his game and wants to involve you with his pleasure and psychological balance, as he wants to improve his mood on your way, and not in any way not nice because it may be subjected to accumulated psychological crises not aware of the father and mother and make him never repeat his request.

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