Personal care during the menstrual cycle

1. Take a shower or take a warm shower every day.

2. Change the menstrual pads very much to prevent the proliferation of bacteria and the appearance of odor.

3. Vaginal douche is not necessary; it can be harmful. Vaginal secretions clean the vagina naturally and limit the proliferation of bacteria. The shower eliminates the natural balance of the bacteria in the vagina, allowing the fungus of kandida or some strong dangerous species of bacteria to multiply, and push the bacteria into the uterus, which increases the risk of infection.

4- It is recommended to wash the genital area with water and non-perfumed children’s soap (the vagina can be irritated with aromatic substances) only once a day with the need for good rinsing.

5 – Do not direct a strong water current directly towards the vagina because this leads to the payment of all the dirt to the inside and here should be poured water gently and top to bottom and not vice versa.

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