Peanut butter, milk and eggs .. magic foods for supernatural intelligence

There is a close relationship between healthy nutrition and increased IQ in children since childhood. There are varieties of food that help increase IQ in children, others cause laziness and decrease in IQ. Therefore, Dr. Noha Abu El Wafa, Consultant of Pediatrics at Kasr El Aini and a member of the Egyptian Society of Pediatrics The 5 months foods that help increase the IQ of the child, saying: “Peanut butter, whole fat milk, eggs, proteins, fish” 5 magical nutrients that help greatly increase the IQ of the child, because fatty acids of the quality of Omega 3 have great benefits To nourish the human mind.

Where peanut butter contains the fat responsible for increased mental growth, cognitive skills, and milk full fat rich in fatty acids and cholesterol needed by children, especially those who did not exceed two years.

Noha pointed out that cholesterol is necessary for the child at this stage, as it activates brain neurons, in addition to it helps to isolate brain cells.

As for fish, tuna is characterized by polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acids, which are present in brain cells naturally and are essential for the safety of mind and body.

She stressed the importance of red meat because it contains iron, protein, fiber and vitamins, especially vitamin B12.

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