Pasta and rice are a deadly risk in this case!

A recent study warned of eating rice and pasta if cooked a few days ago and stored.

These foods can cause bacteria that lead to food poisoning and even death.

Scientists suspect that a potentially deadly bacteria called Bacillus cereus can multiply in rice and pasta, according to Siencealert.

“They live in any environment they find suitable for their survival, such as soil, animals, insects, dust and plants,” the study’s leader, Australian National University researcher Mathur Anocriti, warned of the danger of these common bacteria. Rice, dairy products, spices, dry foods and vegetables. “

In 2005, five children from one family were reported to have been infected with a pasta salad cooked four days ago. All members of the family suffered from food poisoning of varying degrees, and the youngest child died.

“Bacillus Sirius can be transmitted through food, but infection is not monitored because of its mild symptoms in general, but an insurmountable condition confirms the risk of these bacteria because of the liver failure,” Anocriti said.

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