Parsley, thyme and marjoram to treat vaginal infections

Many women suffer from vaginal infections that cause a lot of pain, gonorrhea and itching. Most infections occur from pollution caused by bacteria, fungi and primates, and inflammation begins after the secretion of these bacteria to many waste, which causes itching and swelling, and increase in pregnancy and early summer with increasing heat and insomnia And the use of certain drugs, and used to treat these infections some antibiotics and drugs used to treat the vagina and there are also many natural herbs that can be used by women to treat women’s infections and these herbs Parsley And others:

Parsley seeds for the treatment of female infections

Parsley seeds are used to treat vaginal gonorrhea by boiling a quarter cup of these seeds with one liter of water for 15 minutes and then filtered and used as a lukewarm vaginal douche at a rate of one to two times a day and continuing until full recovery.

Thyme is used to treat female infections

You can use thyme to get rid of inflammation by boiling a glass of water and soak a tablespoon of thyme for 20 minutes and then thyme and drink water three times a day after food, and can be a vaginal shower and hot bath of thyme and boiling 50 g of fresh thyme About 5 liters of water for 30 minutes and then drain this boiled and placed in a hot bath and then sit for half an hour before sleep each day for at least two months, even if cured.

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Marjoram to treat female infections

Boil the marjoram in water for half an hour and then drain and use vaginal douche for women, and wash the area after entering the bathroom for a full month even if the symptoms of inflammation.

After we have identified the natural herbs that help to get rid of the infections of women , each woman can use these herbs even if inflammation occurs, these herbs do not harm women and this link will talk to you about the treatment of women’s infections .

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