Oat and rais mix to whiten skin and prevent dryness during summer

The skin is dehydrated during the summer period and leads to cracking. The beauty expert Maha Awad offers a mixture to whiten the skin and prevent its drying during the summer and the natural components are: milk mix Raib and oats to whiten the skin and maintain freshness.

It adds to the special gravity of the face, where it is preferred to add to the masks of the face or different special mask by adding it to the yogurt and honey and put it on the face as a mask or put it with water on low heat until it becomes like pudding and when cooled put on the face for 15 minutes, Naturally, Vashovan works to improve the skin with an unmatched freshness and softness. In addition to lightening the skin color, it contains anti-oxidant agents and is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

Maha recommended the need to keep drinking a quantity of water per day at the rate of 2 liters while maintaining the skin paint olive oil, where studies have proven the effectiveness of olive oil to prevent dryness of the skin, in addition to yoghurt by passing it on the face for 10 minutes using a piece of cotton, The skin is softer and soothing, but oily skin does not prefer to use it.

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