Nipple cracks during breastfeeding and how to get rid of them

Nipple punctures especially for lactating women suffer from many of the postpartum women. It causes severe pain, especially when the baby is breastfed, and the cracks of the nipple are greater for nursing mothers when neglecting the breast area during breastfeeding or lack of experience especially with the first child. What are the causes of cracks in the nipple, how can they be easily treated, and whether they extend for long periods?

According to Dr. George Joaquim, a gynecologist, the appearance of nipple cracks can lead to breastabscesses that prevent breastfeeding . After birth, the nipple is very flexible and soft to help the baby in the early days of breastfeeding. Long without suckling the child causes weakness of the tissues of the nipple and exposed to cracks where the child is caught by the lips strongly and when trying to remove the grip of more grip it, exposing them to scratches and cracking.

In order to get rid of cracks in the breast drive, the nursing mother should gradually train her child to bite the dark area around the campaign during breastfeeding. In addition, when the breast is removed from the baby’s mouth, it is not done directly and especially with the child’s bite. But the mother must insert the tip of the finger In the mouth of the child from the process and finger bite finger and then pull the nipple out of the child’s mouth.

It is recommended to keep the nipple dry and dry after each feeding using sterile gauze or exposing the breast area to the air for minutes to dry. It is not recommended to wash the campaign with soap and water so as not to remove the natural fatty substances that cover the nipple area and prevent dryness and cracking.

Also wearing cotton underwear is very important for the erection of any discharge from the breast in non-breastfeeding times and non-wear clothing that contain industrial fibers to increase the incidence of cracks nipple of the breast .

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