Natural ways to narrow the vagina

Narrowing the vagina after birth, especially with repeated birth is considered important to the wife so as not to cause the husband’s alienation of the marital relationship where the relationship is not desirable for both parties, and the best master of natural ways to narrow the vagina after birth and return to normal.

Ways to narrow the vagina after birth

1 – practice exercises Kigel, who sits on a chair and imagine yourself that you are urinating, then you hold the urine for 3 seconds and then relax the muscles of the control of the vagina with exhalation air. Repeat this exercise for 10 continuous minutes at a rate of 3 times per day.

2 – The practice of some marital relationship that helps to narrow the vagina naturally, the couple should not be satisfied with the normal situation, because the normal situation of his idea based on the vagina in the widest case, and resort to the French situation or side.

3 – Sit in warm water daily for 10 minutes

4 – get rid of weight gain, which causes weight gain vaginal dilution

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