Natural recipes for sensitive areas

The sensitive area is one of the largest areas of the body susceptible to inflammation and allergies. It is considered an area that is always covered, so it needs special care to avoid inflammation and complications. Due to the high demand of women in the region, they are looking for the best qualities. For sensitive areas and disinfectant, but some of the presentation of the article of natural recipes for the washing of sensitive areas through the site of your health today there will be no need for industrial detergents at all.

Natural recipes for sensitive areas


Aloe vera gel and water can be used together to wash sensitive areas safely, providing superior flexibility to dry vaginal tissues.

Leaves of lemon

lemmon leaves can be used to wash sensitive areas of the body. These leaves contain the lemon-antimicrobial compound and bacteria. It also helps to remove and cleanse the foul odor from the vagina. In addition, it plays an effective role in balancing the pH of the vagina between As to the issue of preparing the lemon lotion for the vagina,

  • Place the lemon leaves in a cup of boiling water.
  • Cool the mixture within room temperature.
  • Wash the sensitive area (vagina) by lemon leaf lotion.

Aromatic oils 

It is possible to mix a group of essential oils for sensitive areas to remove vaginal odor very quickly, as follows:

  • Chamomile oil: Dip only one drop of chamomile oil in a quantity of water up to 2 cups, rinse the sensitive area with mixture.
  • Tea tree oil : Add 6 drops of tea trea oil to the water, and rinse the sensitive area with the mixture safely.
  • Nuts:  Mix 10 points of lavender oil and a large tablespoon of hazelnuts together, add the ingredients to one glass water, then the lye becomes ready for use after bathing.
  • Jojoba oil: Apply the sensitive area of ​​Jojoba oil effectively to eliminate vaginal itching, and not only, but will benefit from the following:
  1. Get rid of vaginal itching completely.
  2. Reduce the risk of infection.
  3. Balancing the levels of pH in the vagina.
  4. Get desirable moisture in the vagina and softness.


You can use a number of yoghurts to wash sensitive areas and sterilize, by applying a reasonable amount directly to the vaginal area and then rinse the vagina well, and this is contributing to reduce the likelihood of infection Candida and clean it well, and advised to be homemade yogurt.

Tips for washing sensitive areas

Women may face a lot of problems after the use of sensitive area lotions, but the following tips must be consulted to avoid falling again, and the most important tips:

  • The need to keep the sensitive area clean constantly.
  • Remove hair from sensitive area every 40 days max.
  • The choice of sensitive areas lotion is appropriate, preferably more natural than commercial.
  • Refrain from using aromatic soaps for the sensitive area, in order to ensure that the pH balance and the percentage of bacteria in the vagina are not disturbed.
  • Clean the sensitive area starting from the vagina towards the anus and not vice versa; in order to ensure that the bacteria do not pass into the vagina.
  • Dry the sensitive area well after bathing and using the bath, not to make it a wet area ready for breeding bacteria.
  • Wear cotton underwear, taking care to replace it daily.
  • Use daily towels to get rid of the annoying feeling in the presence of vaginal discharge.

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