Natural foods help enhance sexual ability

Recent studies and research suggest that when couples commit themselves to healthy eating, their sexual ability becomes better, and it does not require the use of chemical pills such as “famous Viagra pills” to promote and strengthen sexual desire.

Many natural and healthy foods act as sex stimulants and are recommended to the couple as an alternative to the use of drugs.

Foods that improve and develop the sexual relationship between spouses are classified into two parts.

The first section strengthens the sexual ability of men, and the second section strengthens the fertility of women and improve their mood.

A popular German magazine has listed a number of foods that promote sex drive :

– Celery:

It is characterized by the presence of the hormone Androsterron of natural memory and this hormone acts as a stimulant of sexual desire of both spouses.

– the banana:

Contains vitamin B and this vitamin converts carbohydrates into units of energy which in turn produce sexual hormones such as the male hormone Androstron.

– Avocados:

It promotes the desire of men and women together to make them stronger. This is due to its richness in folic acid. This acid analyzes protein, contains vitamin B6, promotes the production of male sex hormones, and increases the production of potassium, which regulates thyroid gland function.

– Salmon:

It contains omega-3 fatty acids with a large amount of vitamin D. This vitamin provides the levels of serotonin in the brain, leading to a feeling of relaxation in men and women, which in turn gives them the pleasure they feel during intimacy.

– Watermelon:

Contains substances that perform the same function performed by chemical sex stimulants, including straline, which expands blood vessels and make lust and desire increase with the enhancement of sexual ability as well.

– Cashew, pistachios and sunflower seeds:

Contains zinc metal which the body uses in the production of a hormone called testosterone and is causing sexual force in men and recent studies have confirmed that men with erectile dysfunction have zinc deficiency.

– Granola:

They are prepared from oatmeal, nuts, honey and dried fruits and are characterized by containing the arginine, one of the amino acids that provide the blood flow in the body, which improves the ability of men.

– dark chocolate:

Studies have been conducted on some women who ate dark chocolate every day and the results have shown that women are happier in their intimate relationship than women who do not take dark chocolate regularly because it leads to the desire to exercise sexual relationship to contain chemicals To convey the feelings of relaxation and ecstasy and pleasure in their bodies.

These were some healthy foods that help to strengthen sexual ability naturally and safely. Without forgetting that one of the most important factors that make the couple enjoy a healthy sexual life is linked mainly to their compatibility and understanding of each other.

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