Natural birth or cesarean section What choice?

All mothers have a puzzling question about ” natural birth or cesarean delivery,
which is 
uncommon . It is puzzled whether to follow the traditional method of birth since the old age, or to follow the modern method of giving birth to Caesarean section, which has become very common, Is to give birth safely to a healthy child, and in this article we will address the characteristics of 
each type and you are the future mother to you choice, if it does not impose on you the nature of your pregnancy a certain situation of them.

Why do most women in the world prefer natural birth?

The natural birth process is the preferred choice for most pregnant mothers because it depends on 
vaginal delivery. Your stay in the hospital is much shorter, and the time of recovery after birth is less than the 
caesarean section. Natural delivery does not require any major incision or injury. Surgery at all 
Therefore, the probability of complications at the time of birth is lower, according to the American Pregnancy Association, mothers who 
have had vaginal delivery have a lower risk of death.

Natural birth and its impact on your child’s health

Natural birth has many benefits for your child, as your baby’s body will start to form and prepare fully to 
get out and give birth naturally through the opening of the vagain . In the natural delivery process, the child’s lung expels the
amniotic fluid filled with them, allowing for normal breathing and breathing problems. Natural 
baby will gain immunity from some types of bacteria.

Learn about the disadvantages of natural childbirth

Despite all the previous advantages, but there are defects can not be overlooked, since this birth depends primarily 
on the readiness of the body for this great effort, can not predict and predict easily or difficult to give birth, but it is 
sure that the sport and movement increases the readiness of your body to a large natural delivery , and of course not knowing 
precisely the time causing stress, anxiety and psychological problems for the mother, a natural birth may occur because of 
trauma or bruising of the fetus during childbirth where should your child to pass through the birth canal 
may require the help of forceps, and the natural birth may cause some problems in the relationship insisted Hydrates.

Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of cesarean delivery

C-section or caesarean section is the surgical method of delivery. In short, it is based on 
a small incision in the abdominal area that penetrates the uterus to remove the child. The caesarean section is 
also a common option because it has some positive points on the mother and chil

Why do some women choose cesarean delivery?

First: positive points Caesarean section on maternal health

  • Cesarean delivery is a planned and agreed upon procedure, which is very much for parents, 
    unlike a normal birth, whose exact date can not be known.
  • Caesarean delivery does not take as long as a normal birth, so this reduces stress or labor pains.
  • The mother is not expected to have any sexual problems after cesarean delivery.
  • Caesarean section rarely causes the transmission of a mother’s infection to the child, or any bruising or injury to the child.

Second: the negatives of cesarean delivery

  • In most cases, cesarean delivery is pre-planned, this means that your child may not be naturally prepared and mature out of the womb, an incorrect calculation may occur for the date of fetal completion and your birth is also a possibility, since cesarean delivery is an operation, To lose more blood. The use of anesthesia increases the risk of developing complications.
  • The mother is susceptible to infection and various blood clots, according to statistics, caesarean section has a higher maternal and fetal mortality rate.
  • After surgery, the mother may suffer from complications such as decreased bowel function and may need to stay longer 
    in the hospital to recover, and can also lead to complications related to breastfeeding. It also increases your 
    chances of postpartum despression .Cesarean delivery and natural delivery

In the end, giving birth is a personal choice you need to discuss and decide with your partner as well as the doctor for sure. Talk to your doctor about what’s right for you. Since each pregnancy is not the same as the other in its circumstances, your doctor will assess your overall health and the right way for you.

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