Natural and effective ways to get rid of nausea quickly!

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  It is a feeling of discomfort and discomfort in the upper part of the stomach with an involuntary desire to vomit, often followed by nausea vomiting, but sometimes nausea can not vomit, nausea becomes a debilitating symptom if it persists for long periods, nausea is an unspecified symptom, which is It means that it has many possible causes, and some common causes of nausea include dizziness, dizziness, migraines, fainting, hypoglycemia, gastroenteritis (gastric infection) or food poisoning, and nausea is a side effect of many medications including That chemotherapy or nausea N morning early in pregnancy, nausea may be caused by anxiety, disgust or …- Of the causes of gastrointestinal infections (37%), food poisoning are the two most common causes of acute nausea and vomiting …- Other common causes are side effects of medications (3%) and pregnancy …(10%) of the cases are undiagnosed, with rates of affinity (6%) in children and more than (16%) in persons over the age of 65 years. The following reasons are also mentioned:1 – traffic jams or sea dizziness,2 – the presence of bacteria or viruses or parasites that are in the stomach and result in nausea,3 – side effects of certain drugs,4 – the predominance of the yellow time, and folded on the head of the stomach,5 – the first stages of pregnancy,6- The effects and psychological disorders that accompany the person who is affected,7- The predominance of viscous mucus may move in the stomach, and need to go out,8. Heart attack, concussion or brain injury, brain tumor, stomach ulcers, some cancers,9 – Exposure to cold air in the winter, which may be a defect in the human body,10 – to be weak stomach in itself, do not digest food,11 – the incidence of constipation and diarrhea that occur in the stomach pain, and continuous vigilance and lack of sleep, which works on the imbalance of the body, and inhalation of large quantities of chemicals and detergents …Picture of a girl1 – the exit of food from the stomach of the person infected and comes out of the mouth involuntarily,2. Sometimes blood appears in the stool and this condition is very rare,3 – the feeling of a person with pain and pain in the abdomen and stomach,4 – may appear on the person with nausea drought and thirst,5 – very severe fatigue and inability of the injured to move and walk and eat and drink,6 – high body temperature and inability to endurance and heat,7. Headaches, fever, diarrhea, gas, desire to vomit,8 – feeling dizziness and dizziness, pain in the abdomen and stomach, and dry mouth, and decrease in the amount of urine …The following symptoms may indicate serious illness:1. vomiting associated with blood or yellow substance, weight loss, acute abdominal pain, fever, neck stiffness, skin rash, increased weakness, loss of consciousness,2 – continuous vomiting and worsening for 48 hours, confusion, lethargy, pulse speed, difficulty breathing, excessive sweating, fainting …Picture of a pregnant girl- The feeling of nausea in the first months of pregnancy is one of the most disturbing things for pregnant women, and affects about 80% of women, called the most severe form of pregnancy nausea (severe vomiting and excessive during pregnancy), and characterized by frequent vomiting in eating any meal, The cause of pregnancy nausea is related to high levels of pregnancy hormones (HCG), estrogen hormone, thyroid hormone also, and high level of pregnancy hormone reduces the risk of abortion, so the woman who suffers from pregnancy nausea less likely to miscarriage than others …A picture of a cup of thymeEating Thyme contributes very much to getting rid of nausea and not showing it again. Thyme should be eaten either by eating or bringing thyme into a large pot containing water and then boiling in water for 10 minutes. Cup and drink it once a day, and repeat it work daily …- The first Arab doctors and pioneers of herbal medicine confirm that drinking the freshly squeezed crusts of fresh and spiced broccoli for 10 hours, then drinking them is useful in the treatment of nausea, stopping the vomiting, and improving the condition of the stomach as well.A cup of ginger- Asian cultures have discovered the healing properties of   centuries ago and have been used to relieve gastrointestinal problems since time immemorial. Take a piece of ginger root and chew on it to relieve vomiting. Ginger is the natural anti-vomiting. If you can not tolerate the taste of ginger, Spoon of honey while chewing …- Carob has many benefits, the most important of which is the elimination of diarrhea and nausea, and works on the balance of the body, the mechanism of preparing the carob, is the status of carob, whether large or small and put in a container of water and soak for a full day or two days, and then prepare and drink three times a day, It is resistant to vomiting and repeated that work on a daily basis …- If a large handful of (tamarind) in a liter of water for 24 hours and then filtered well after it, it provides a cure for the treatment of nausea and vomiting, and take the dose when needed, and according to the desirability of the patient, and in cases of speed can be boiled (Tamandadi) The most suitable health …Mint leaves- Instead of going to the herbal tea ready to stop vomiting, drink a cup of mint tea that can be done by soaking some dried mint leaves in a cup of boiled water for an hour and drinking it, instead you can chew fresh mint leaves to relieve vomiting …- Prepare or make the juice of the pomegranate and drink it on a daily basis, or you can bring the peel of the pomegranate and put it in a bowl and boil it and after finishing it, put a little chopped ground shell and drink it daily, it contributes to get rid of vomiting …- Put a tablespoon of vinegar added to a cup of ordinary water to become (vinegar solution), and drink this cup is going to initiate (vomit) magically, and the way to eat this solution at the rate of a tablespoon of drinking every five minutes (5D) until the end The solution in the cup after (100 minutes), where the capacity of the cup is (20) a tablespoon of water after the end of the tendency to vomit completely, and the patient to fast after 5 to 6 hours after eating light food such as my bread and cheese white, Solution (water and vinegar spoon) once but do not use this method with low pressure, whatever the reasons as (vinegar) reduces the Cover concretely, but in this case it would be more useful for people with high pressure …Cinnamon image- Cinnamon is known to be an effective treatment for vomiting and nausea, which is why it is often given to women who are in the first three months with morning sickness, take a small piece of oud   in a glass of boiled water for 10 minutes, remove the stick and sweeten the tea with cinnamon Some honey, then slowly sip tea, drink it at least three times a day to cure vomiting …- Eating fresh, well-washed fresh green mangill, at the rate of a leg or a sweat, is an excellent way to remove and stop vomit before it occurs. It is an easy and practical method that is inexpensive and is known by farmers and villagers in Upper Egypt but not known to Urban people except those of rural origin …- If you suffer from gastritis, the starchy rice water is just what your body needs. Boil a cup of white rice in a cup and a half of water until the rice is cooked, then press on the rice and keep the water. Slowly, wash the water and see how to prevent vomiting. Almost immediately …- The emulsion is used to stop the vomiting and reduce its intensity by placing a dry grip of the leaves and blossoms of each liter of hot water to the boiling point and drinking this after-meal cup as a tonic, tonic, digestion and antiseptic. The emulsifier can also be taken as necessary As desired by the patient …- It is one of the old remedies, it can prevent you from vomiting and also relieve the nausea associated with it, of course you can refuse to accept it directly, so a teaspoon of grated onion juice and drink it, and follow it with cold tea, mint and onion together will work to calm the stomach …- Grind the cumin seeds to make about one and a half teaspoon of cumin powder, add this powder in a glass of water, stir well and consume you will notice directly raised …

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