Names of new children

The hearts of love and the pride of the children are exalted in the hearts of the lords, so how can I not remember the poetic verses that say:

But our children among us our lords walk on the ground

If the wind blew on some of them, I would keep my eyes from the mist

The children are adorned with the life of this world, so we must provide them with the best in everything that serves them in the future, be it material or moral, they are in dire need of good formation, education and refinement of personalities and many more, but I would like to highlight in this article on Hassan The name that our Messenger, may God bless him and grant him peace, ordered us to boast about themselves in what we called them names, and in this article we will give the names of new children 2019 with their meanings.

Names of new children 2019 with meanings

  • Adham: The dark thing is blackness.
  • Ahmed: The person who is happy to do.
  • Amjad: The courier is striving for the request of Ala and Majd.
  • Osama: The most common names of the lion, as it is also the names of new children 2019 and the meaning of the straight man.
  • Adam: The dark-skinned person.
  • Ashraf: A man of great honor.
  • Ayub: It means going back and forth.
  • Aws: The name of an ancient Coptic tribe at the time of the Prophet – peace be upon him – and the meaning of the wolf.
  • Anwar: A clear person with a beautiful color.
  • Basil: A brave person.
  • Badr: One of the names of the moon, and the moon is Badra on the night of the fourteenth of every Arab month.
  • Bilal: Water droplets that irrigate thirst and moisten the thirsty.
  • Taqi al-Din: The meaning of the humble and supplicant and fearful of the Creator – Almighty.
  • Tamer: That person who is God Almighty with great livelihood.
  • Jawad: The horse is called, as it is also a decent person.
  • Liam: The sharp and sharp limit of the sword.
  • Zakaria: The name of the Prophet of God Zakaria – peace be upon him –
  • Sufian: Referred to the leader or the head of the folk.
  • Suhail: Bright shining star.
  • Samer: The person who is addicted to sleep.
  • Suhaib: Referred to the person who combines his skin between Sammar and eggs at the same time.
  • Tariq: The next person at night knocks the door.
  • Ali: A person of honor and honor.
  • Kasser: One of the birds of prey.
  • Hammam: A person with good qualities is called generosity and courage.
  • Yamen: The person who has blessings and Yemen.

Names of children from the Holy Quran

After presenting a list of the most recent names of new children, we must identify some of the names mentioned in the Holy Quran:

  • Idris, one of the prophets – peace be upon them – a lot of lesson for the book of God – Almighty –
  • Adam: the father of humanity and the first prophets of God – Almighty -.
  • Azer: Help.
  • Ibrahim, from the verb Barham: meaning Adam, which is one of the names Ajram, as the name of the Prophet of God Hebron Ibrahim – peace be upon him –
  • Montaser, mentioned in the Koran is also the names of new children.
  • Mohammed.
  • Ayoub.
  • Yacoub.
  • Sabir.
  • Valid.
  • Khalil.
  • Naser.
  • Lamp.
  • Lot.
  • Isaac
  • The most difficult.
  • Ashraf.
  • Despair.
  • Akram.

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