Nails and nail fungus

Health and nail fungus.Nails and nail fungus

Dr. Amira al-Toudi, a dermatologist, explains that nail fungus is a fungus that appears in the form of white or yellow spots and initially starts with spots in a nail or two.

The symptoms of fungi begin on the nails by increasing the thickness of the nail and the ease of shelling and weakened and become dark color and does not shine its natural luster.

There are many reasons for nail fungus, including lack of interest in good cleaning after the use of public swimming pools, especially that these fungi live in warm places and can be infected when using the clothes of others and personal tools for them or as a result of constant exposure to moisture and warmth, .

The human must be concerned with ventilating the legs and hands and ensure their safety and free of germs and fungi to enjoy good health. 
Studies suggest that nail fungal infections affect men more than women and increase their incidence as they age.

The fungus causes many complications but general atrophy with nails and exposure to irregular circulation of the body.

Immediately after the appearance of one of the symptoms mentioned above, go and follow up with the specialist to start the treatment, which often includes antifungal drugs, whether oral or ointments and creams and must be prevented by taking care of good ventilation and complete hygiene of the body.

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