Mouse-arm syndrome threatens office workers

Dr. Anita Fal Vakhndorf said office workers are more susceptible to “mouse arm” syndrome, which is part of the “Repetitive strain injuries”. The German occupational medicine specialist explained that the incidence of this syndrome occurs because of the stress on the arm during the use of a computer mouse because of wrong grip or heavy load on the arm by the use of the mouse for long hours. The symptoms of the “mouse arm” syndrome are numbness, numbness of the hand, and pain in the wrist.

In order to avoid this syndrome, the mouse should not be used for long hours by taking breaks, with stretching exercises to face the unilateral loading, by moving the wrist with circular movements.

You can also avoid the syndrome through the position of the right arm; where the bulk of the forearm should settle on the desk flat, and the wrist should be at an angle with the mouse as far as possible. In addition, the vertical mouse is a good alternative to reduce the burden on the arm while working in front of the computer screen.

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