Mistakes to avoid when setting foundation cream

Cream foundation of the most important elements of the loading of women where the development of theright foundation cream to hide the defects of the skin also helps the foundation cream to restore harmony and beauty of the skin. The choice of the right foundation cream is not only important but the way to put the foundation cream on the skin, where the installation of many of the women some mistakes when putting the foundation cream on the skin, says cosmetic expert Maha Masood.

Here are some tips when putting the foundation cream on the skin correctly:

1 – not to put the powder before cream base

One of the most common mistakes that many women make is to put the powder on the skin before using the foundation cream on the skin is dry, making it look peeling and dry, and it settles in the fine lines in the skin, where the lines appear such as wrinkles within the skin so the foundation cream moisturizing formula It is best for your skin.

2 – use of moisturizing cream

It is also important to moisturize the skin by applying a moisturizing cream before using the foundation cream, it helps to stabilize it more and give it a more natural and smooth appearance of the application of the foundation cream directly on the skin

3 – Test the foundation cream

This is also a disaster for some, where many women experience a creamy foundation on the wrist, but this is a mistake because the color and nature of the skin of the wrist is different from the face, so if you want a correct result you can put a small amount of cream base on the nose or along the line Jaw.

4- Use of the conseller

Take care to use the foundation cream before placing the concealer is also important to clean the face of the defects around the eyes with a layer of thin and well from the outside to the inside, then put the foundation cream on the face, and do not use the foundation cream to cover the defects alone, but use the Conseller and then apply cream base over the blisters hidden under The Conseller.

5 – areas of use of the foundation cream

You do not need to apply a foundation cream all over the face, use it only in areas that need a little coverage such as blemishes and redness, you do not want to put a mask on your face, a light layer of foundation cream on some areas and extending it in the right way will look more natural and beautiful.

Ways to choose the right foundation cream for skin type

– Fatty skin : Prefer to use the base cream free of fat and oils so as not to increase the emergence of grains, especially acne as well as the use of foundation cream without luster so as not to increase the skin’s gloss significantly and give it a natural and distinctive

– Dry skin : Moisturizing dry skin is also important, so the development of the foundation cream content on moisturizing materials for the skin helped to give the skin freshness, vitality and distance from the use of powder that causes dry skin.

– Normal skin : These skin is suitable for all types of foundation cream, especially with a moderate percentage of moisturizing.

– Combination skin : It is preferable to use the base cream free of oils, which is in the form of a powder compact, and the powder should be strong color and apparent, but if the use of liquid foundation cream prefer to put the powder on the face after the completion of use

Method of foundation cream

Apply cream in the middle of the face from the inside out and prefer to moisturize the skin cream or some drops of water before the foundation cream, which increases the moisturizing of the skin and helps to distribute the cream equally to the skin and give it the distinctive color you want

Maha added that it is important to know the type of skin so you can choose the appropriate foundation cream for skin color and protect against damage.

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