Mistakes made by mothers when breast feeding the baby

Breastfeeding benefits the child in his or her life, but there are some reasons why breast-feeding is not possible for the child, which makes the mother resort to feeding the baby with breast feeding, breast feeding or bottle feeding. The non-expert mother may make some mistakes during the child’s breast feeding that affect the child’s health. Common mistakes.

Keep the remaining milk in the freezer in the refrigerator.

It is known that the saliva produced by the child during breastfeeding contains many germs that move to the nipple and bottle. Keeping the milk in the refrigerator stops the proliferation of germs, but it reacts quickly and quickly as soon as the bottle is removed from the refrigerator and placed in hot water. The rest of the feed should be disposed of immediately after the child has finished eating.

Mother’s experience of the child’s code

Of mothers put the nipple of the bottle on her mouth for cleaning or check the temperature of the milk and then give it to the child, and this behavior is very bad because the bacteria in the adult mouth much more than the child, which expose the child to infections and bacterial diseases.

Extend the baby to the bed during breastfeeding

This is wrong because this position leaves some space in the nipple which allows the air to leak and cause the child gas. Stretching the baby during breastfeeding also exposes him to the possibility of a reflux of milk that may seep into the trachea, which causes him to go into a fight. An ear infection can also occur due to milk leaking into the ear.

Leaving the child to breastfeed alone and without follow-up puts him at risk of suffocation.

Therefore, the optimal position for breastfeeding is to sit the child in the lap of his mother with a tilted head and head horizontally high about 60 degrees.

Getting the baby to sleep as he breastfeeds the bottle and a late age

It is better for the mother to try to prevent her baby from breast-feeding the bottle from the age of one-half and to be accustomed to drinking with a cup. There are soft and bright cups to attract the child. The continued bottle feeding of the two-year-old bottle causes the disfigurement and change of the shape of the jaws, as well as the obstruction of the nasal air pockets and frequent obstruction and inflammation in the ears. Graduation can be done from the bottle at night by slowly diluting the milk until it is given water only in the bottle because it has been proven that the teeth interact with the artificial milk, causing tooth decay, while the mother’s milk interaction has not been proven or caused by tooth decay.

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