Methods of treatment of abscess

Inflammation of the skin diseases of many people, and the most common inflammation is abscess, which is inflammation resulting from a defect in the thyroid or inflammation of the hair follicle, and may be the emergence of abscess is the result of surgery has been subjected to previously, may be caused Its appearance is the accumulation of bacteria and pollutants, so we will learn in this article on ways to treat abscess and its symptoms and causes in detail.Treatment of garlic abscess

There are many ways to cause abscess, including:

  • Multiple bacteria, which harm the body in general, when a particular part of the body hit these bacteria, resulting in inflammation in this part of , causing the emergence of abscess.
  • Diseases related to the immune system such as AIDS, malignant tumors such as leukemia, and disease .
  • Exposure to harmful ultraviolet radiation for a long time, especially in the summer, and in places of extreme heat, which are harmful to the sun, and high temperature, which is a fertile environment for the growth of bacteria and inflammation
  • Cardiovascular disease, the appearance of abscess is one of the most important indicators.
  • Red spots on the skin.
  • Body temperature is higher than normal.
  • Pain in the abscess area.
  • Swelling is noticeable in the peripheral part of the abscess.

The best antibiotic for abscess treatment

Many natural ingredients can be used to treat abscess, such as:

The onion is the most effective natural ingredient in the elimination of abscess, and can be used in many ways, but the common way is to cut onions to slices, then put these slices on the abscess, and connect them with a clean piece of cloth, and leave onion slices for 60 minutes on the abscess area, Repeat this process until the abscess completely disappears, and when continuing to implement this method, note the exit of the pus during the replacement of slices of onions, which indicates the healing abscess.

Potatoes contain many elements that can treat infections significantly and remove and treat the abscess of the abscess. You can cut the potatoes into thick slices, then boil them and tie them with a piece of medical gauze, and put on the abscess directly, until you remove the pus from the abscess and clean it completely.

It is used as a spice in many countries because of its benefits to the entire body, as well as its ability to treat infections and kill the bacteria that cause it effectively. Scientific studies have proved its ability to treat the abscess by adding a tablespoon of turmeric to the hot drinks we eat Tea and milk, and advised to eat for three days, until the abscess is cleared and treated.

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