Methods of cleaning teeth in Ramadan

There is no doubt that cleaning teeth is a daily routine necessary to maintain a healthy mouth, but what changes should be made in this regard during fasting the holy month of Ramadan?

Here are some general guidelines:

Cleaning teeth during bedtime: It is necessary to resort to cleaning your teeth in a different form in Ramadan, through the use of brush and paste for 3 times a day, that is after breakfast directly, before bed, and after Suhur. Also, it is necessary to use the mouthwash also, especially after the suhur, to keep your breath refreshing and get rid of the accumulation of bacteria, and do not mislead also cleaning between your teeth by thread!

Cleaning teeth during fasting: According to some sources, it is permissible to use the toothbrush to wash the mouth during the day, but only through water. But medical sources suggest that adherence to the method of cleaning your teeth during breakfast, above, is more than enough to keep your teeth healthy and your breath.

Cleaning the tongue: While you may be busy concentrating on cleaning your teeth to keep your mouth fresh and away from decay and gum disease, you may ignore an equally important part of your daily routine to clean your mouth: cleaning the tongue. Bad breath may also result from accumulation of bacteria on the tongue, even though they enjoy clean teeth.

Source: Anaqti

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