Method of pruning children’s nails

The growth of children’s nails especially newborn and the problem of pruning children’s nails are things that cause concern for mothers, especially with the first child, where mother fears that the pruning of the child’s nails will hurt the child or his pain

Says Dr. The nails of the feet grow more slowly and lower rate of trim, so it is advised mothers not to trim the nails of the child before the age of eight weeks, because it is difficult to know Any part of the growth of the nail is still attached to the skin and will cause this party to deepen the pruning of the nails and then may be infected nail.

“When your child is two months old, your nails will become firmer, so you can trim them, but take it very carefully if you inadvertently cause a wound in your baby’s skin. Try not to, gently apply a clean piece of wet cotton to the area of ​​the wound and cover it slightly. Bleeding soon. 
He says d. Hossam The scissors can be purchased with a sharp curved angle, because one of them will hold the child to prevent him from frequent movement and twisting and twisting while the other trim his nails.

You can try to do it while you are breastfeeding or sleeping because it will be calmer. Remove the skin below the nail so that your child does not get hurt. Hold your hand tight as you claw your nails, using a nail cooler to gently cool your child’s nails.

Finally: Sometimes, the mother notices some scratches on the face of her newborn baby because of the length of his nails. In this case, experts advise not to cut or trim the child’s nails until it reaches its second month because at this age the nail is very close to the meat and very hard. During this period, gloves can be placed in the child’s hands to prevent him from injuring his face and injuring himself.

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