Mental health of the child and how to provide psychological support for him

When a couple lives with a child, they are very happy with it and strive to meet all its needs and raising it in the right way. But there are many mistakes committed by parents and mothers inadvertently cause the destruction of the child’s psyche and make it disturbed and sometimes abnormal.

education :

One of the most difficult things that a person does is to raise a child is a serious and serious responsibility that many can not afford it is encountered problems and difficulties may succeed in people and may fail others, but failure means that the child is not only and may grow up and grow up with him And can not treat it in the future.

In order to raise the child correctly so that they are together psychologically we offer you the following methods:


The older the child becomes, the more his requirements will change because his body and mind grow and his perception of things changes over time. Parents should not deal with their 11-year-old children in the same way they treat him at the age of six. To adapt to the surrounding society and to create an immature and immature personality.

The environment :

Parents must raise their children to adapt properly to the environment in which they live, so that they can balance with society and can deal with them. In other words, you should not care about teaching your child a foreign language, which is important to the Arabic language and living in an Arab society. Around him and not to adapt to them.


The child will not be psychologically correct if his parents live in psychological pressures that affect their behavior and their relationship with each other. The child and even the big one is affected by the society in which he lives and the people he deals with and especially his family. The unsettled tense atmosphere will affect him negatively. To all members of his or her family so that the other is psychologically correct.

the society :

Parents should take into account the choice of a society that is appropriate to the education that their children bring to bear because its way of dealing with the people around it when it is different will not become psychologically balanced in other words if we assume that the parents raise the child that he should not be late out of the house A society that allows children to do so will cause psychological disorder.


Many parents make mistakes because they do not allow their children to discuss or talk to them about different things. The child can not turn to his parents when he is exposed to a problem and then he will look for other people to help him.


Any person with needs needs to be satisfied and many parents believe that their children as long as they eat and drink and live in a good place and learn, their needs have been home but this is wrong Parents should know the needs of their children well by observing what tends to and what wants And to discuss with him to solve this problem

You should not be confused with your husband in consulting specialist education experts if the problems have become worse and you can not find solutions.

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