menstruation…. Question and Answer !

What is the menstrual cycle and when the menstrual cycle begins and what are the symptoms of the menstrual cycle and the reasons that prevent regular menstrual cycle and how to get rid of the troubles of the menstrual cycle ..?

All of these questions will be covered in the following article and what questions you have about the menstrual cycle.

What is the menstrual cycle?

The menstrual period of the girl begins at the age of puberty menstrual menstrual bleeding of the vagina as a result of hormonal changes that occur every 28 days and subsequent signs of ovulation to women and at that stage become a child capable of pregnancy and childbirth, and the period of menstruation or menstruation from 3 – 7 days and start from age 13 until the mid-1940s and began to break and break and start another phase.

How do I start a monthly call?

Some girls come before others. Some people may start menstruation at the age of 8, while others may not start before they reach the age of 15.

The session may occur in some people every 28 days, while it can occur every 24 days or even 30 days in others.

It is normal for the menstrual cycle to take place within two years of puberty. The menstrual period may remain irregular at some times and the duration of the menstrual cycle varies from one girl to another. It may not last more than two or three days for some, while it may last seven days for others.

Does the menstrual cycle affect the mental state?

A large proportion of women suffer from grief, depression or stress before the menstrual period days or even a week. There is also an over-appetite for some. , And the reason for these changes to the level of hormones during the menstrual cycle, in addition to the feeling of gas and bloating can overcome these symptoms by organizing the dates of food and increase the intake of healthy balanced

How can the symptoms of PMS be alleviated?

Paracetamol analgesics or warm drinks such as cinnamon, mint, ginger or warm bath can be used to overcome these symptoms.

What are the causes of menstrual irregularity?

The reason for the irregularity of the course is due to many reasons, including obesity, weight gain or lack of exercise and eating unhealthy foods, in addition to smoking and drinking alcohol

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