Men: The hormone of love to lose weight

Several preliminary studies have been conducted in a few men suggesting that the “love hormone” oxytocin may reduce appetite and potentially turn it into a weight loss tool.

A new study examined oxytocin, reduced hormone therapy and the number of calories consumed by men, especially calories from fatty foods, as well as reduced food in a person’s meal, improves the body’s way of treating blood sugar, and it is not known for oxytocin that has any effects on opening The appetite and consumption of food is very much in this study.

Experts added that oxytocin is felt by the loved ones when they are together, leading to many activities that are enjoyable together, as well as used to induce work, manage the pains and pains of mothers after childbirth and increase breast milk in nursing women. Research has shown the ability of oxytocin to treat social disorders, Such as autism.

How was the experiment:

The researchers randomly selected 25 men (12 of whom were overweight or obese) while 13 were ideal. The average age of participants was about 27 years. Some of them were given artificial oxytocin by nasal spray, while others gave them placebo and did not contain anything, But men do not really know what I gave them.

After receiving either hormone or placebo, men ordered breakfast from the menu before them. At the end of the meal, the researchers measured how to eat food for all people.

The men returned later, and they repeated the experiment again, but this time he received placebo from who had taken oxytocin the previous time, and vice versa.

At the end of the experiment, the results concluded:

Those who took oxytocin had an average of 122 calories on average, and found that they also consumed less in fatty foods, about 9 grams less fat on average, which translates to about 80 calories less than fatty foods.

Researchers suggest that the psychological reasons behind this and from an evolutionary perspective are that oxytocin occurs during positive social interactions when we are with others who care about us, which can help reduce appetite

Nasal spray is approved for use in Europe, but not in the United States. It is used three times a day before meals, and the cost of medicine is based on European prices.

Possible side effects with nasal spray of oxytocin include:

Womb contractions in pregnant women nausea, headache rarely or allergic skin inflammation, while men who took oxytocin did not have more side effects.

However, more research is needed and further studies are needed to see if oxytocin can be used to treat obesity and diabetes. Researchers want to understand if a hormone has similar effects in women, because specific sex hormones are accurate, making this variable crucial However, it is certain that hormonal disorders in women during the menstrual cycle or when menopause approaches or because of stress or genetic causes make many of them vulnerable to eating food, especially unhealthy foods such as sweets and starches, and also reduces the speed of burning calories in their bodies. Studies have found that there is a set of links between women’s hormones and hunger and the speed of fat burning in the body.

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