Memory strengthening exercises

The exercise of intellectual activities is one of the most important things that strengthen memory. It has become a fast life that led to our need for things that help us to think quickly and make the right decisions. I have done it, with the increasing it will usually become you and it may increase to reach the end to the injury of some Alzheimer’s disease, and so it was necessary to walk according to some daily plans, which can maintain the activity of your mind, and strengthen your memory, so we did the research to get to the most important Memory strengthening exercises, only Abona.

There are many things that you can strengthen your memory and activate on a daily basis.

These activities improve the performance of memory work in a way that affects you positively both during your work and in your daily life.

In some activities you can activate brain cells and increase their concentration.

There are many exercises of memory that if the individual continues to find that the performance of his thinking in the daily improvement is great, there are some daily habits through which he can get a strong memory, and those exercises :.Strengthen memory

The first and most important thing that a person must get is to get enough sleep during his day.

The mind can not work without his daily rest, because in this way he will lose the concentration necessary to complete his daily tasks properly, so the human body must get 7 hours of sleep a day.Strengthen memory

You can continue to exercise a lot on a daily basis, because sports work on the flow of blood circulation to the human body on a regular basis

It is possible to exercise daily for 20-30 minutes or exercise any type of exercise you prefer.Exercises for memory

Intellectual games can activate brain cells significantly.

There are many games that can improve your memory performance and games.

  • Chess.
  • Crossword.
  • Ono Paper Games.
  • The Sudoku.

Does learning new languages ​​improve the performance of human memory?

The answer is yes the ability of the mind that makes you able to learn new languages ​​and save and complex sentences, will make your mind active and active member during the day.

Your ability to make the time of your convenience useful in the benefit of your mind such as doing a love like a piano or guitar is something wonderful effect on the brain.

As the introduction of a new skill on the human brain to stimulate the cells of his mind and increase its activity.

There are many other exercises that enable you to increase the work of your mind during the day including :.

  1. After the stairs as you ascend and descend, you may want to count while talking to someone else.
  2. Do the color exercises by choosing during your day a certain color, such as red, and then you have to note throughout the day all things with red color and write or save.
  3. Read and recite from the Koran on a daily basis, where many studies have proven that reading the Koran of the reasons that make your mind work well and this is because of the verses of wisdom and wisdom and great God’s creation.

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