Maximum blood pressure

God created the human and grant him many of the necessary devices to exercise his life in normal and blood is one of the basic things in the human body where pumping blood in the veins and arteries Faisal to all organs of the body brain and heart and lungs and others, and measured and determine the normal level of the body with a specific set by doctors 80 / 120

If this percentage increases or decreases the body’s exposure to the risk of many diseases, it is recommended that patients, especially the elderly, 
follow up the measurement of blood pressure and adjust its level to protect themselves and avoid diseases such as stroke and heart attacks.Maximum blood pressure

The blood pressure is considered high when the measurement is done and the result is more than 100/160. Here, it is necessary to move 
immediately to the nearest doctor to take the medical procedures and determine the medicines for the patient help control the high blood pressure and 
return to normal body level and stabilizes the condition of the patient after

  • There are signs if anyone appears to confirm that they have high blood pressure.
  • Feeling a person with a loss of balance and pain in the head “headache”.
  • His heart rate increases, and he feels very difficult to breathe.
  • The tendency to vomit and loss of appetite.Maximum blood pressure

There are many reasons for high blood pressure, perhaps the most important of which is aging. The following is a simplified presentation of these causes:

Of the main factors in the high level of blood pressure, where increased blood pressure in the arteries when the metabolism and 
when the delivery of blood to all organs within the body, which leads to an increase in pressure within the arteries and thus the high rate

Certainly the factors play a major role here in the transmission of high pressure disease from parents and grandparents to children in the 
case of many other diseases that are linked to the history of the disease of the family or family

Smoking in every condition is harmful, but it plays a very fast and essential role here in the patient’s blood pressure because it contains nicotine 
and other substances that damage the wall of the blood vessel and damage it, which is reflected in the level of blood pressure in the body,

It is one of the main reasons where the increase in salts in the body to lower the proportion of fluids inside the body and the occurrence of disorders 
in blood pressure and height.

Some medicines may be taken without the doctor’s advice. They may lead to high blood pressure within the body. These medicines include pills and pills used in contraception and family planning as well as medicines for infections and colds. Some diseases, which, by their nature, increase intraocular pressure, including heart, kidney,

You will find a significantly higher blood pressure disease that is more common among the elderly, so say that the 
factor of age or age has a prominent role in the infection.Maximum blood pressure

In the previous lines we discussed the most important reasons that lead to high blood pressure and the following are the most important tips that 
the patient must follow to avoid the risk of this disease, including

Maintain the ideal weight of the body and exercise regularly and continuously and avoid obesity and non-excessive eating, because of the damage to the body in general and high blood pressure, especially

Do not over-take salt, pickles and canned or preserved foods

Drink large quantities of water and juices and reduce the entry into disputes and quarrels or avoid altogether, especially as it is a key factor in the high pressure rate significantly

• Regular and regular exercise in sports

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