Magic mixtures to cure the blackness of the knees quickly

Many women suffer from blackness of knees and elbows for reasons of childhood often and the length of love and the nature of daily life today that may affect the skin. Because they have been in a lot of friction since childhood in love, and later to pray on the ground and not end by assigning the body to the elk when sitting behind the office. There are many reasons, and the problem remains, which makes many people looking for ways to solve it, be it through bleaching creams or laser sessions or the use of natural mixtures.

The presence of these black spots in the body is not a vacuum, but due to many reasons for the emergence, and the diversity of these causes vary from person to person and skin to another dry skin is the most prone to blackness,  it is relatively easy to treat proportionally, the normal skin is exposed  to blackness less, : Accumulation of dead cells and non-cleaning and peeling continuously makes these areas of a different color from the skin. Wrong habits in childhood and crawling on the knees and elbows caused a head in the presence of blackness in these areas. Frequent pressure on these areas in support and maintenance during the performance and even the movements of prayer, the body builds a thick layer of leather in these areas for the large consumption, becoming a black rough area with a disturbing view. Blackening of the knee and elbow is due to the sometimes healthy cause of vitamin A deficiency. Prolonged exposure to sunlight makes the area of ​​the knees and elbows a black area.

1 – The most prominent causes leading to the burning of the knees draw to the accumulation of dead cells, as with the accumulation at the knees prevent other cells from regeneration and thus exposed knees either to the tanning or to the skin color. So it is important to work on peeling this area to maintain its beauty and consistency with the leg.

2 – also the most prominent reasons that lead to the burning of those knees from the days of childhood when I was playing on the knees without attention to the dangers of this matter. So these habits that you used in your childhood, affect the change in the color of the knees quickly, as they tend to the iron and more exposed to the other parts of the leg.

3 – In addition to the causes of the deterioration of the knees there are health factors, including the acute lack of vitamin  , which can affect the renewal of cells in this region. And therefore turns from white and pure to brown and even black if this problem is not addressed.

4. It can also be considered that intense exposure to the sun constantly can lead to the fire, and sometimes even darkening of the knees. So apply sunscreen to this area to prevent it from darkening.

There are many ways to circumvent this extreme blackness. It is possible to use natural bleach mixes, provided they are repeated continuously, or to adopt the Moroccan bath continuously, or to review the skin specialist to describe the objective creams that contribute to the remedy of the situation, although it is necessary to be realistic in dealing with it; prevention is better than treatment in many things, Areas in the body.A man of a girl

There is no radical solution, and the bleaching is not overnight, but you can say that there are topical medications that a dermatologist can prescribe, which contribute greatly to stopping and trying to reduce laxatives, in addition to other methods including lasers and regular and semi-daily follow-up.Mixes for bleaching

This method begins with moisturizing the knees at night with natural olive oil, and then the next day peel off your knees during the bath by rubbing them with a circular scrub and warm water. After finishing the bath, immediately apply a few of them and rub them with the black radiator, which is used to remove the dead skin, but from the soft side and not coarse, in a nice and soft way until the unpleasant black spots disappear.

This mixture consists of one teaspoon of black pepper, half a cup of lemon juice and two small tablespoons of Vaseline plus two tablespoons of vicks. Put these ingredients in the mixing bowl and mix them well, then place this mixture daily on your knees, or even your elbows, and gently and gently for 10 minutes, then wash the lotion from your body. 
This method is very easy and effective if you persevere to use it every day for a week. But if you feel the need to rub the area you bleached, we recommend that you stop using the mixture because your skin is sensitive.Picture of a girl

– Preparation: Curcuma, Vaseline 
– Mix two tablespoons of turmeric (special for the body and not curcuma eating) with half a tablespoon of Vaseline and mix well. 
– Rub the area of ​​the knees with this mixture and leave them for an hour and a half to two hours, and then wash this area with lukewarm water and repeat this recipe every day you will notice that your knees become more white and less dry; Turmeric powder with Vaseline many benefits in the whiteness of the knees and moisturize them better. 
– Dumi on this recipe for more than a month until you get wonderful results in the bleaching and softness of this region.

Consisting of one cup of water, half a cup of lemon juice / 3 tablespoons of white vinegar and a large spoon of . Place the ingredients in a mixing bowl and stir. Place a little mixture on a piece of cloth, cover your knee with it for two hours (you can wet it again if you feel it has dried), remove the cloth from your knees / wash well and apply moisturizing cream. 
Repeat this process daily in a week to get the best result.

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