Loss of appetite for the child and how can it be treated?

Loss of appetite for the child from the most face of the mother, especially after weaning the child, how can the child overcome the problem of loss of appetite for the child and care for her child in a healthy way?

Dr. Khalid Al-Manbawi, a professor of pediatrics, said that the mother should not pressure the child and insist on providing certain amounts of food, but the mother should pay attention to the healthy breakfast of the child, where breakfast is one of the important meals for the child that give strength and vitality and extend the energy needed during the day Helps the child increase absorption capacity.

In addition, the breakfast contains some sugary substances that provide the body with energy, such as: black honey, jam, honey and interest in the protein needed for the child is made of beans and eggs, and a cup of milk is one of the important and essential elements in children’s meal, or orange juice or Lemon, especially if the child is eating foods provided by the element of iron because lemon and orange rich in vitamin (C), which helps to absorb iron, which helps to compensate the child with the iron necessary to protect him from anemia.

Dr. Khalid advises that the mother should not give the child drinks containing caffeine, such as tea, drink and soft drinks, because it affects the body’s ability to absorb iron, which may cause the child’s anemia andloss of concentration and loss of appetite .

In addition, it affects the nervous system of the child, which may affect the hours of sleep and the occurrence of sleep disorders.

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