Learn about the benefits of spinach

It contains many high nutritional values ​​and is therefore beneficial for the body and its health. Spinach may be famous as food containing large quantities of iron, minerals, salts, vitamins and antioxidants. Therefore, it is recommended to add spinach to your diet. Your.

Spinach and Cancer:

Because it is a vegetarian food, it reduces the risk of cancer and contains many antioxidants such as lutein and zeaxanthin.

Spinach, liver, colon, lungs and breasts:

Because it contains chlorophyll or chlorophyll, it protects the body from exposure to liver, colon, lung and breast diseases on the condition that it is taken regularly.

Spinach and eyes:

Spinach increases the strength of eyesight and protects the eyes because they contain large amounts of antioxidants, especially lutein and zeaxanthin, which help prevent the infection of macular degeneration and cataracts.

Spinach and Digestive System:

Spinach improves the performance of the liver because it contains large amounts of betaine. The digestive system also benefits greatly from the chlorophyll, which is found in spinach, which makes it better able to perform its functions. It also contains abundant amounts of fiber, which facilitates the defecation and The removal of waste from the body and therefore it is useful for those who were suffering from deficiencies in the performance of their functions.

Spinach and Immunology:

It is recommended to eat spinach at all times of the year, especially in the fall and winter because the atmosphere in these two seasons is witnessing a large attack of viruses and microbes that carry many diseases and health problems and therefore, spinach works to strengthen the immunity of the body and the formation of a strong barrier to prevention Of viruses and microbes because of its contents of vitamins, fiber and minerals, which also reduce the effects of fatigue and stress and seasonal depression and it protects the body from the incidence of anemia and stimulate the speed of healing.

Spinach and bone:

The bones need calcium for their growth and strength, so spinach is important because it contains chlorophyll, which helps calcium to enter the bones, strengthen them and make them more firm.

Spinach and Fitness:

Spinach is characterized by the fact that it does not contain any calories or carbohydrates and has a high percentage of water, which helps to maintain the fitness of the body, so it is recommended for those who follow diets diets enter the spinach to their diet to help them get rid of fat and excess grease.

The correct ways to choose spinach:

The spinach leaves should be moist, non-wet and do not contain traces of blisters or spots and should not be left for more than three days because they lose their nutritional values ​​even if they are stored in the refrigerator.

Healthy ways to cook spinach:

Must be thoroughly washed and preferably vaporized before eating and boil them in water for a few minutes can also be dealt with boiling water as soup because it contains a lot of Alzgaiah values that he drew from spinach. 
And so I am careful to eat spinach even Taatmtaa health and wellness.

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