Late menstruation Alec reasons

Delayed menstrual period causes some anxiety for women, especially for those who expect pregnancy to start asking whether I am pregnant? Is late menstruation normal or is there a problem? Is delayed habit will always be temporary or temporary? Is pregnancy the only cause of delayed menstruation? What are the causes of delayed menstruation? “Your health today” presents the top ten reasons for late menstruationfrom the date of:

1. Weight : Whether weight gain or weight loss plays an important role in the hormonal system in the body responsible for the organization of the monthly habit, and most women return to the normal habit of normal once the weight back to normal.

2. Stress and nervous pressure : Stress and tension causes your ovulation to delay. When ovulation isdelayed, the delay of the menstrual period naturally occurs, or menstrual disorders occur. In addition, the tension and pressure are scattered on the uterus, the lower part of the brain responsible for regulating the menstrual period. The elimination of tension and stress leads to the return of habit to the natural situation and maintain the regularity of the monthly habit.

3 – Some medications : There are some drugs that cause delay of menstrual habit, such as chemotherapy or anti-depressants or some psychological drugs.

4 – Hormonal imbalance : When you have hormonal problems can change the levels of hormones responsible for ovulation, and examples of some cases where a defect is hormonal is the polycystic ovary, which is due to high levels of estrogen and androgen (the male hormone) is a cause of delayed habit Monthly.

– severe fatigue : When you get tired, whether as a result of malnutrition or illness, the body is unable to follow the organization of the monthly habit, if you feel a health problem may be probably the reason for delay menstruation.

6 – As menopause approached : As the age of approaching the phase of the period of disconnection occurs that the body begins to change the level of hormones organized for the menstrual cycle in preparation for a final stop it causes the delay of the monthly habit at times and stages of intermittent months are organized and some months lag.

7 – menopause : or menopause occurs at the age of the arrival of the body to the stage of non-ovulation and therefore do not come to the monthly habit and there is a stop or it is due to some surgeries related to ovulation such as the removal of ovaries or uterus.

8 – Breastfeeding : After birth occurs to restore the body in the organization of the hormonal cycle again and in some women take that period of approximately 6 months of habitually delayed than the date and then return to normal habit.

9 – Stop pills : Contraindications A change in the level of hormones in the body, and stop suddenly use or lack of regularity without reference to the doctor leads to the delay of the habit and consult with a doctor to regulate the hormones of the body until the cycle back to normal.

10 – Pregnancy : The most common causes of delayed menstruation is the occurrence of pregnancy and can be tested home pregnancy test to confirm pregnancy, which reveals the hormone (hCG), which appears in urine after pregnancy.

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