Know the best cooking oil to prevent early death

A healthy, balanced diet and regular exercise will protect against serious illnesses that can cause early death. The type of oil used in cooking is an important factor in protecting against heart attacks, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. 

According to dietitian Juliette Colo, olive oil is the best type of oil that is good for heart health, because 85% of the fat in it is heart-friendly fat, which helps reduce cholesterol.

Although olive oil helps protect against high blood pressure and age-related diseases, Colo advises not to eat more than a tablespoon of olive oil every day, because it contains a high calorie content.

For her part, British nutritionist Sarah Brewer said the benefits of olive oil are not limited to heart health, but also help prevent certain types of cancer, as well as contain a good amount of vitamin E.

According to specialists, olive oil contains oleic acid, which helps to reduce high blood pressure, which helps protect against the occurrence of blood clots, according to the British newspaper Xpress. 

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