Kidnappings in children may be due to psychological reasons

Anger is an emotional condition experienced by the child, and has health reasons such as fatigue, fatigue or severe brain electricity, but often caused the anger in children to psychological causes, and for these reasons, says Dr. Heba Essawi, Professor of Psychiatry at Ain Shams University known that the factors Psychological increase the frustration of the child, which in turn generates the tantrums and causes the psychological reasons for anger to:

– Repeatedly forcing a child to do something he does not like, such as ordering his mother to leave the computer to his older brother always.

– Permanent control of the child, where his mother refuses to wear what he wants or eat the fruit before the meal.

– Assignment of the child to work beyond his ability or does not suit his tendencies such as insistence on the exercise of sports game does not like the child, and blame when the default.

– The child is very angry if one of the brothers broke his game even if his younger brother, because it saddens him a lot.

– Criticizing the child or trying to reproach him in front of people who have a place to him as his friends or colleagues in the exercise by the coach.

– Exaggeration in pampering the child and responding to all his requests, and if rejected a request can not accept rejection and feel frustrated and revolts for the most trivial reasons.

– Excessive use of cruelty and deprivation with the child feel the child’s anger and anger, and encourages him to cruelty and violence with peers and colleagues in school.

– The contradiction between mother and father towards different situations The child feels insecure and excessive nervousness.

– Exposure to emotional deprivation of the mother and father makes the child angry and violent.

– Angers the child if he fails the exam, especially if the students excelled in fear of criticism and blame his parents.

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