The next stage of childbirth is a transition, in which the mother turns from caring for herself to caring for another person, the new baby, but that is not allowed. All of his right is to be taken, so do not forget that the health of your health depends first on your cleanliness. Exposure to bacteria and bacteria thus protects you from diseases.

Because the postpartum period or the so-called puerperal bleeding will also see vaginal haemorrhage and the appearance of certain secretions, special care should be given to the intimate area to avoid the growth of bacteria and bacteria. But how do you do that?

Clean the intimate area three times a day with warm water and lye of this area of ​​the pubic anus towards the anus to avoid the transfer of germs and bacteria from the anus to the vagina.

Replace the sanitary pads every two or three hours because the accumulation of blood contributes to the attraction and growth of bacteria.

Use soap when washing the surrounding area of ​​the vagina, the outside area only, and ask your doctor what type of disinfectant is recommended.

After bathing, dry the sensitive area using a soft towel and wear cotton underwear while taking care to use cotton pads as well.

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